Kate spade shoulder bag outlet KATE SPADE WKRU4257 091 Maruti

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by color is elegant to the silhouette which I assumed a dust. I comprise a pocket inside and out and can arrange the bits and bobs clearly, too. There is presence although being simple and is one article to shine in coordinates.


Brand name Kate spade bag outlet KATE SPADE WKRU4257 091 GROVE STREET CARLI shoulder bag, 2WAY bag BLACK/CEMN
Size The length of the lower about wide upper part 31.5cm/ 33.5cm X 22cm in height X 13.5cm in width / handle: Approximately 42cm, the length of the shoulder: Approximately 108-118cm, pace width: 2cm / weight: Approximately 900 g
Material Leather
Quality Opening and shutting classification: Fastener / inside style: Fastener pocket *1, opening pocket *2
An outside style: Open pocket *1 / and others: -
Accessories A preservation bag: Do; a box: None